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What People Say About Mindful Self-Compassion With Dr. Ben

"Thank you for guiding me in this mindful self-compassion journey. I think I have come a long way... I'm much kinder (to myself as well), much more happier with peace and joy than maybe 2 years ago. Thank you for writing to me when I first contacted you about MSC course as well. YES, the treasure I have been looking for is in the cave I was afraid to enter! I have continued my morning ritual, and have continued....This has been life transformation... I'm deeply touched and thankful."
--A., University Professor

“I had always looked to mindfulness as a way to fix me or change the way that I am, but through the self compassion and common humanity aspects of the course it has helped me to realise that I don’t need to be fixed. It has really helped me to feel more comfortable with who I am. Thank you both for all of your support. :)”
— H.

“This course has not only introduced me to MSC, it has re-introduced me to me. I have found someone quite wonderful. Being kind to myself creates ripples which allows me to focus more effectively and be kind in difficult relationships and situations with ease and flexibility. Thank you”
— A.

"Joining the 8 week course for a second time has been just as positive and helpful as first time round. I feel more able to engage with the practices, as I’ve been working on them for the past couple of years, and it’s good to revisit their purpose. It has reminded me of a few that I’d forgotten too. I’ve enjoyed seeing how my visualisations have been different and offered me insight and guidance to where I’m at now. I’d wondered before the course if it would just be a repeat, but MSC is a kind of layered learning that evolves and changes as you do. Ben and Siri are a bit of a dream team! Their professional experience and excellent teaching means they complement each other so well and I always feel like I’m in expert hands. Thank you both.  Working with a new group has been really insightful. The course is set up so well to allow people to get to know each other and learn together. Hearing other people’s experiences and reflections is a real honour. It’s funny how we are all different ages and from different backgrounds yet our life experiences and areas we want to work on show our shared common humanity. "
--S. (S is a returner, taking MSC for the 2nd time 2 years later)

“The most significant part to me is that I feel I have made so much growth with this particular situation that I noticed the frustrating thing that happened but I immediately let it go. No elevated heart rate, no rise in body temp, no voices in my head going over it. I just let it be!…..I feel like I’m able to recognize moments of frustration or pain faster and I can take time immediately (even if it’s just a few minutes) to breathe, recognize and stop the negative talk in my head.”
— L.

“This course has changed my outlook on life, the value of meditation and made me aware that we have very common feelings/worries/anxieties in life. I feel so pleased to have been part of this course. It’s life changing, value enhancing and so fulfilling and meaningful. I think everyone should do it as the whole world would be a better place if we could all have conversations with each other in the way we have had on this course.”
— D.

“I have studied many spiritual practises over many years and recently started to study Emotional Intelligence when I came across the course for MSC. I have found the course different to the other things I have done. I would say its a more practical based method of achieving mindfulness and connectedness between your emotional and thinking minds as well as being aware of the same in others. Its enabled me to add more value to the things I have already learned and I’m using it in my daily life practices. I believe it’s an important life management tool that everyone can apply and a great conduit for self development for those that seek it.”
— P. G.

“The mindfulness self compassion course is designed for everyone but is especially valuable for those in the care-giving processions such as teaching, and nursing.  As a parent, I found it invaluable as we spend so much time trying to do our best and then second guessing as to whether we have done it right or beating ourselves up for having done it wrong. This course has helped me become more fully aware of how important it is to show ourselves compassion, everyday, in our daily lives. I can’t recommend it enough.”
— S. M.

“This course, run by trained psychologists, is an investment in yourself and in the way you interact with the world, and shares many practical tools to help you show up in the world as the best version of you. I found it very beneficial and I would recommend it to others working on their personal growth.”
— E. B.

“This course opened for me a new experience that improved my quality of life, dealing with stress, anxiety and self judgement”
— E.

“MSC is not something you learn, apply, and become a different person overnight or a period of the course’s time. I feel MSC is a life skill that you practice and constantly apply to the way you normally run your everyday life and how you conduct yourself, but with more awareness, ease, and acceptance.”
— P.

“Very few of us understand what self compassion is, and how critical it is, for our own well-being. If we want to practise compassion, we should begin with ourselves.”
— I.

“It helps you to find the real values in life and find your inner self again. Pure happiness in certain moments arises.”
— M.

“The MSC course has taught me several practices which I can use in different situations. I feel I can now better stop, breathe and step back in the midst of difficult moments to be compassionate with myself and develop myself towards living with ease.”
— K.

“It may not seem like it’s working at first, but the way you respond to small moments in your daily life will prove otherwise as the course continues.”
— H.

“The MSC course has been very useful in helping me to understand what self-compassion is, what it looks like and how to use it.”
— S.

“MSC has been a gift to me. As someone who has meditated for years, but has not made it a part of my daily routines, it has inspired me. For someone who has spent a lot of time being critical of myself, it has been invaluable. I am truly grateful for the tools I received in this course, the time to practice with others and the comradery of sharing struggles and celebrations with others.”
— M.

“Even if you’re an experienced meditator or mindfulness practitioner, do this course! It will open up a very helpful facet of your practice, that will arise in unexpected ways! ”
— B.

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